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On 20 July 1969 NASA claimed that they had landed two astronauts on the Moon's surface. This supposedly was followed by a further five successful Apollo Missions to the Moon. NASA produced “seemingly” incontestable evidence to prove to the world that they had achieved what was believed to be the impossible at the time. All of these Apollo Missions were faked to satisfy the geopolitical aims of the so-called Cold War. This fakery is no longer theory, but fact, as you will discover in this book.


You may question why this matters, as it was a long time ago, and was the deceit of a different older generation, who have now mostly passed away. It does matter as NASA continues to defend it's fakery to this day. Perhaps worst of all, it is now being taught as real history in our schools, and a generation have been deceived into believing that NASA achieved the greatest triumph of mankind. This false history, and the total indoctrination of our children does matter to us all. It is reminiscent of the “old style” communist propaganda in which history can be manipulated by tainted governments to serve other national goals. We need to steadfastly defend the truth for the sake of our children, and for the good of future generations.

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